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2017 – Sir Shadow’s One Line Art & Flowetry Calendar – In Between Peace – 18th Edition

ss-calendar-2017-front-coverGet ready to flow into the New Year with Sir Shadow’s 2017 One Line Art & Flowetry Calendar, In Between Peace.  Each month features a beautiful one line creation and Sir Shadow’s inspiration brand of wisdom.  And don’t forget to celebrate Sir Shadow’s unique holidays including ‘Reward Yourself Day’ and ‘Stay Strong Day’.

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Sir Shadow Drawing the Walls of the Whitehouse

Original Article

Thursday afternoon, we received a call out of the blue from one-line artist Sir Shadow. He’s currently working on an ambitious project at the curiously-named Whitehouse Hotel, where he resides and maintains the ground level gallery space. It had been a year since we last spent time with him, so it was a no-brainer to scope out the new undertaking.

If you’ve ever been inside the Whitehouse at 338 Bowery, then you know of its bland, transient nature. There are roughly fifty rooms on each floor, arranged like office cubicles with dank cots and low ceilings. No privacy. To spruce things up a bit, the owner of the hostel apparently decided to enlist his artist-in-residence to mark up some music scenes. Step one was painting rectangular black canvases in almost every room and on the hallway walls. Then Sir Shadow works his magic. Simple as that. There are reportedly 300 drawing spaces across three floors.

Carrying bottles of water and a handful of silver paint markers, we ascended three flights of stairs to the fourth floor. Sir Shadow was gracious enough to let us record while drawing three separate pieces. Each illustration was accompanied by philosophic oratory, poetry, and/or soulful humming. It’s a trip. One line; the pen is never lifted. At the end of the demonstration, he jokingly said that the limited edition wall is available for purchase at $1 million.

Speaking of merchandising, Sir Shadow is also looking to brand sheets, pillow cases, shower curtains, and table cloths. In the meantime, you can stop by his gallery at 338 Bowery to see (and purchase) more art. Totally worth it. Email him,

Original article;

Sir Shadow Drawing the Walls of the Whitehouse

One Line Art Fans…

Sir Shadow One Line Art Fans….

KEY MOMENTS ~ Original Drawing – One Line Art – Black ink on white drawing paper


This is an original one line drawing. The image is created by one continuous line.
The pen never leaves the paper from the time the image begins until the drawing is completed.

Original Drawing

8.5″ x 11″
Black ink on white drawing paper

Artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.