The Power of Repetition

“The Power of Repetition”

Repetition, not competition, brought about my reputation. I am no more talented or blessed than anyone of you. Each time the inspiration arrives, I write it down or draw it. This is the action that gives life to my art. The key ingredient to the success of any artist is repetition.

Repetition means each poem that you write, re-write and re-write until you are satisfied. Each dance step you take, re-take and re-take. Each song you sing, re-sing and re-sing. Each brick you lay, re-lay and r-lay. Only by your repetition, your redoing, your research, your rehearsing; can you give yourself and the world a view of who you are deep inside.

Don’t judge yourself by someone else’s creativity. Everyone must go through an incubation stage, a crawling and crying stage. Your standing and falling stage. But each fall helps you stand taller. This is the action that starts your running full speed ahead towards your inner soul. Remember you are a school too. Learn who you are by what you do. Your repeating, your rehearsing, your research reflects who you are. You become wiser in your art through repetition.

Who do you see yourself as? What would you call your school of thought? What craft are you trying to perfect?

Answer these questions and you are halfway there. The other half is action. So enjoy your journey on the staircase of life whre each one of you has a step. it is up to you to take it.