The Art of Creation Part II

The Art of Creation Part II

Art to mankind is like leaves to a tree, air to a breeze, water to the sea.
Without art there would be no you or me.
Art sets us free from the herd of sheep mentality.
Without art we no longer have a reason to dream or interpret our reality.
Art is what motivates us toward future possibilities.

Art inspired the birth of history.
Art created the Prince of Peace, Goddess of Love, Father or Creation,
Presidents, Kings and Queens, Emperors and Chiefs.
Without Art creation does not exist.
Civilization disappears without dance and music,
brush and pen and the thousands of inventions we call living.
An artist expands our universe with each creation.

Without art, mankind loses its heart and individuality, becomes selfish and filled with
nonstop greed, disguised as success and progress, gaining more as we become less!

Take away art and you have now created spineless, passionless, hopeless, powerless,
pointless, lost, confused creatures to roam this beautiful planet without a true purpose
other than material gain, abusive behavior, eating and sleeping just like those very
same animals we once put ourselves above, we have now dropped below

Art builds character.
Art is the stars, truth, sun and moon.
Art is the air we breathe.
Art is love. Art is peace.
Art is the you in me in you.
There is nothing Art can’t do.
Art unifies us all.
Art gives us our positive attitude.

An Artist will work in a run down shack, half starved just to touch our hearts.
An Artist can be found swimming in the sea of sin saving those about to drown.
An Artist will take on a troubled soul to help one to positively grow.
An Artist controls time with their mind until their new creation becomes alive.