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Sir Shadow’s 2016 One Line Art & Flowetry Calendar – Follow Your Passion


The new year brings with it the release of Sir Shadow’s 2016 One Line Art & Flowetry Calendar, Follow Your Passion.  Each month features Sir Shadow’s unique holidays, as well as his inspirational one line art and flowetry. 

This 12-month black and white wall calendar measures 11.5″ x 11.5″ (opens to measure 11.5″ x 23″) and  is now available in the SHOP.

SS-Calendar-2016-Inside-Front-Cover SS-Calendar-2016-Inside-January SS-Calendar-2016-Back-Cover

The Ocean of Life


In the ocean of life, no one is responsible for your joy or happiness.
If you wait for someone else to make you happy, you will be sad a long, long time.

In the ocean of life, there is no right or wrong – just the weak, wise and strong.
Find out where you belong before you decide to leave home.

In the ocean of life, there is only one rule: be an individual. This is the only way you will be able to survive surrounded by fishes with human faces of all shapes and sizes.

You will know by their actions if they are sharks, shrimp, snails, or whales.
Don’t be surprised when you find that some fish lie from time to time, nor is there any reason to complain about the sharks who decide for the weak and confused what to think or do.

Know who you are as an individual. Have your own goals and rules if you don’t want to be part of the sharks’ school. You must realize it makes no sense complaining and blaming others to justify why you are swimming around with a negative attitude all because you choose to become a victim. No matter the set back, bounce back.

Find out where you belong in the ocean of life, maybe in a river, lake or pond and if necessary under a rock alongside the snails, crabs and eels to avoid becoming a shark’s next meal.

It’s a big world… use your imagination to live out your positive dreams.
Only you have the power to create the joy and peace needed in your reality.

Don’t become your own worst enemy of the sea and blame me!

Sir Shadow’s life long achievement award poster.
A wake up call. A job well done.

One Line Art Fans…

Sir Shadow One Line Art Fans….

KEY MOMENTS ~ Original Drawing – One Line Art – Black ink on white drawing paper


This is an original one line drawing. The image is created by one continuous line.
The pen never leaves the paper from the time the image begins until the drawing is completed.

Original Drawing

8.5″ x 11″
Black ink on white drawing paper

Artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.




Original One Line Art Drawing


Sir Shadow

Each original drawing is created with one single line

Size of paper is 8″ x 10″

Drawing is presented and delivered in an UltraPro archival rigid photo toploader and then inserted into an UltraPro collector’s storage page, which fits perfectly into your favorite 3 ring binder.


This is an original one line drawing, not a print.

The image is created by one continuous line.

The pen never leaves the paper from the time the image begins until the drawing is completed.



Sir Shadow is a unique twenty-first century artist whose style is both exciting and fascinating in its content. He is a line artist extraordinaire from New York, whose artwork receives praise from all parts of the world. His ability to create art through the manipulation of one line, creating shapes and forms that dance, sing and swing with the Jazz music that it depicts is sheer genius.